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CSquared is a formal luxury menswear brand benchmarking the trends in the way men dress in Namibia.
 represents cutting-edge style that is worn by celebrities and go-to guys who are serious about their image.

But how do I go about selecting the most important outfit? Just start at the start: identifying the wedding suit styles that make the most sense for your wedding, and your wedding colors.

That’s why ZALEKA is putting the focus back where it belongs, on the most versatile men’s wedding suit colors: blue, grey, tan, and black. Some suit colors work better than others in certain seasons or for a specific kind of event (i.e. formal, casual, beach, etc.).  Because once you’ve decided on a base, finding the right CSquared suit and tie is a breeze.

CSquared designer wear embodies the heart of Italian tailoring and the slim cut that is so popular in modern times. The CSquared man knows what he wants in life and understands that looking his best is often the way to get it.