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What is a Lay-by Agreement

A lay-by agreement lets you buy a product and pay for it in two or more installments before taking it home.

The ZALEKA Lay-By agreement includes the following:3

Minimum Value: Lay-by is available on purchases of N$600 or more.

Deposit: A 33% non-refundable deposit is required for each new lay-by and server as the first installment. Ideally the remainder of the amount shall be divided into equal monthly payments, but a minimum of N$ 100 per month must be paid..

Term: Lay-by is available on a 6 month term and must be paid in full and collected or will be shipped by the finalisation date. The item bought will only be released and sent on receipt of the final installment.

Payments2: Minimum monthly payments in addition to the deposit of 5 equal amounts are required. The customer may chose to settle his amount in less than 6 months. Payments may be made at the online virtual terminal or via EFT. The link will be provided.

Cancellation: Lay-bys may be cancelled at any time during the term.  Failure to make monthly payments when they are due or collect lay-bys by the due date will be treated as cancellation of the lay-by by the customer.  In these instances, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the monies paid, less a termination fee of 33% of the total value (the deposit).

Exclusions: Lay-by is not available on clearance, specials and discontinued products,  pre-paid cards and vouchers, perishable items and where specifically stated in store and in promotional materials

No Modification: Lay-by contents cannot be modified

Everyday Rewards – Any loyalty points and rewards will not be issued until the lay-by has been finalised

Privacy – ZALEKA protects customer privacy. Personal information is used to administer Lay-Bys, billing and shipping.