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How to own an Online Shopfront on ZALEKA and sell your products to more customers. started the online shopping revolution in Namibia and designers, retailers and manufacturers should consider establishing a branded online shopfront on to ensure they remain competitive.  FB Sponsored Template 1200x628_3 is Namibia’s Premier Online Shop and the first shop officially authorised through the Payment Association of Namibia to use the VCS secure online payment gateway. This means anyone with a debit card can now pay for goods from the online shop.

Namibia retailers now need to consider a multi-channel approach by investing in their online presence alongside their traditional bricks and mortar store-front.

Rising property and rental cost in Namibia and changing consumer preferences and spending habits are resulting in more people opting for the convenience of shopping online.

Online sales on can provide diversified revenue streams for traditional bricks and mortar retail businesses, designers and SME’s. They also provide retail businesses the opportunity to win additional customers by tapping into new markets and not having to rely solely on foot traffic.

The good news – no need to pay huge sums on IT and Web-design teams or consultants: creates the online shopfront (see Brand Shops here) for participating businesses, uploads items for sale and markets them in Namibia and internationally. This shop-front development for Namibian business is offered as a free service for at least the next 12 months until the end of March 2017.

For each item bought through a nominal percentage transaction fee is assigned to Zaleka. We will actually do the marketing and selling on your behalf. You just need to provide us with pictures, sizes and stock numbers of selected items. We do the rest.

Distribution of the items bought within Namibia shall be forwarded to the customer at minimum charge (if possible even  free) within 72 hours of ordering. In larger towns or cities the goods will be deliverd to the door whenever possible, alternatively to the nearest post office where the goods can then be collected by the customer.FB Sponsored Template 1200x628._2

For more details on adding your business and products to the site mail or call us at 081 279 7769